Sponsorship Information

Through your support we can unite business, commerce and the residents! 

If your company or that of your employer is interested in sponsorship opportunities with Squamish Business and Trades Show 2015 please e-mail:
Robert Forsyth   Email: Squamishtrades@gmail.com

Several corporate sponsorship options are still available including:

1) Platinum Partner : $5000+ Products, Services or Cash
l0’ x l0’ booth space at your choice of location
Full media and event promotion will include your branding
Post & share links on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)
Banner Space: Four(4)  3’ x 10’ banner spaces
Logo in promotional and paid print media
Logo on event posters sized according to sponsorship level
Logo and hyper link on Squamishtrades.com web page

2) Gold Partner : $2500+  in Products, Services or Cash
Your company will be asked to present awards to the community
Banner Space: Two (2) 3’ x 10’ banner spaces
Logo in promotional and paid print media
Logo on event posters sized according to sponsorship level
Logo and hyper link on Squamishtrades.com web page

3) Silver Partner: $1000 in Products, Services or Cash
Corporate Logo included in online marketing strategies.
Banner Space: Two(2) 2’ x 5’ banner spaces
Logo in promotional and social media (Facebook and Twitter)
Logo on event posters sized according to sponsorship level
Logo and hyper link on Squamishtrades.com web page

The following is a brief list of some of our Community objectives!
1) Provide media and video coverage for future community events.
2) Organize the kids conference activities. Sports Presentations.
3) Sound, stage and Lighting for the Presenters and Speakers
4) Work with the Fashion Show, Music Talent Hunt and After Party!

Through your support we can unite business, commerce and the residents!

Partnership Documents available for Download
Partnership Information Package PDF 

 Traditions, Memories, Connections and Most important.. Networking.

Support Our Exhibitors and Friends!
“Building the Business,Trades and Technology Education in Squamish, BC.”

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