“Building the Business,Trades and Technology Education in Squamish, BC.”

HIDDEN REASONS...                         Download our April 9th, 2015 News Release Here!

Our family values is what gives us a common ground
Developing a proper plan for the youth in our community to provide them with the tools to succeed
Appreciate the hard working people behind the scenes making everything work!
Work towards a thriving economy in Squamish, BC.. Though education…


Squamish is Right for a Trades and Technology University!

Link to Trades School Questionnaire: http://goo.gl/forms/vgdFQuLnm3

Some simple questions and answers…

Why host a community Business and Trades Show?
Networking is the key to commerce in a small community, a little goes a long way,  maximizing local spending and supporting the local economy is one of my focuses this year. Together we will be better. We have so many new faces here in town. Time for a formal welcome! This is a part of the history of Squamish.. many long time locals can remember the great days of the Squamish Trades Fairs (From the 1990’s). Help us rekindle the great memories i have from this time in our local heritage.

Who will be attending?
Local suppliers, trades people, shops, retail stores, sports clubs, non-profit societies, and just about any type of Exhibitor you could think about.. Kids, trucks, dogs, and friends and families.

How will the show event schedule break down?
We have set a weekly meeting to be held at 6pm at the Cliffside Pub every week prior to the show. We are asking for the community to help with the production to ensure we get the most out of the experience in the short time we have to plan.. I would like to see 3 entities.. 1) The Exhibitors  2) The Conference and 3) The Entertainment…. (we all love to party!). The deadline i have set for the event schedule.. news release will be on April 15th…

Long term plans For Squamishtrades.com and the Event Show Series?
Everything is interconnected.. its time to work with the connections..  Our goal for the Website is to maintain a proper gateway for business, trades and residences can get a hold of each other to stimulate local networking. The people needed to get jobs done are right here in town..

Build an Institute of Technology and Trades School in Squamish, BC!


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