Welcome to Squamish, British Columbia

“With an open invitation to all sports groups, business, trades people, market vendors and the Public…. We currently playing with some AMAZING concepts  to add some real community spirit to our event.. This show is not going to be some boring office party…Our Theme this year – The balance of Industry, Commerce and Residence. Common ground.. Family Values!

We are planning kids friendly side activities…let the fun start now”

Robert Forsyth, Executive Director & Chairman
Squamish Business & Trades Show Organizing Committee

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Our Plans Are Coming Together Fast

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“Building the Business,Trades and Technology Education in Squamish, BC.”


We appreciate our corporate sponsors who are making this exciting community program possible. Several corporate sponsorships are still available.


Local and regional businesses and community organizations are invited to display their products and services.


Plan to attend our Spring 2015 Show on May 15 and May 16. There will be something for the entire family.

Don’t Miss It.

Squamish is a small community, but our community values are huge.
Take this awesome opportunity to spread the word about your
business, professional trade, or community organization,
and to learn what others have to offer.

Stay Informed!

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“Building the Business,Trades and Technology Education in Squamish, BC.”
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